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Parenting 101 · 06. January 2016
Children should be taught at an early age how to manage their money. An allowance is a good way to teach them responsibility as long as you are using it as a learning tool and not paying them for doing jobs they should already be doing as part of a family. As children get older, they can be paid for doing extra chores so they are better prepared for future employment and will understand the concept of being paid for doing a good job.
Parenting 101 · 27. November 2014
Because of the many changes on how purchases are made, more and more parents are allowing their teenagers to own credit cards. Credit cards are not all that bad. Their proper use can train teenagers to be financially responsible. However, their proper use may not come that easily among teenagers. Therefore, you must guide them in doing so. Here are a few tips on how you can guide them. Avoid peer pressure – Is your teenager pressured to have a credit card because her friends all have one? If...
Parenting 101 · 24. October 2014
Frugality is one quality that we must teach our kids. It's quite difficult to acquire in this age of consumerism. So, it is best to model it and guide our kids in practicing it. Here are some great ideas on jump starting this task. Instill simplicity in their hearts - Simplicity is best shown in one's lifestyle. Love the simple things through which you can spend time with your kids. You will be surprised to know that kids will enjoy a simple stroll in the park so long as they stroll along with...