In Focus: A Man's Role in the Family


A man ought to perform different roles in order to have a successful marriage and family life. He must be a good leader and teacher apart from providing for and protecting family from harm.


As a provider - While being a good provider means having the ability to support a family financially, it involves other factors that contribute to the well-being of each family member. A man should be able to provide for the emotional, spiritual, physical and mental needs of his family. 


As a protector - More than beating up anyone who insults your wife or daughter, this role means protecting her self-esteem and self-worth as well as your daughters'. Actually, you will need to do the same for your sons too. It can also mean protecting your way of life and guarding against any threats to the things that are valuable to your family.


As a leader - A man must take the lead in solving the problems the family is currently facing. As the head of the family, you must never whine about your family's situation. You must create a plan to lead your family towards the right direction. And in everything you do, you must give your best efforts.


As a teacher - What is your behavior teaching to your kids? Values are caught not taught. This means everything you say and do or  don't say or don't do is observed and picked up by your children. Be a role model for your children, loved ones and community with your words and deeds. Set high standards against yourself.

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