Four Top Activities for School Fundraising

Coming up with a unique fundraiser for your school can be difficult, especially with so many other schools holding fundraisers, too. You need not lose hope! Why? Because you can turn an ordinary fundraiser into a special activity by simply adding a little bit of fun and relevance into every part of it. Here are four fundraising ideas and tips to make your event stand out:

1. Art Exhibition – Putting on an art exhibition is one of the easiest, yet most overlooked ways through which schools can raise funds. Replicating the atmosphere of a ‘real’ art exhibition will not just showcase the best student drawings, paintings, sculptures and other creations, but give the fundraiser a sense of prestige. Make your school's art exhibition distinctive by presenting by grade level and theme. Don't restrict the display to only drawings and paintings either. Include crafts, needlework, poetry and other creative writing masterpieces of your students. Lastly, use fun ideas like creating a gallery program, highlighting some pieces with feature lighting, and playing soft music to create that real exhibition feeling.

2. Fun Run – Even though a race involves a competition, making it unique means injecting it with lots of fun! One example of this is getting participants to throw colour bombs or colour balloons at each other while racing to the finish line. Students and adults must wear white shirts so it shows the full extent of how much colour they got splattered with by the end of the race. This outdoor activity provides a great opportunity for students and their families to laugh, compete and bond while raising funds for your school. Watch the video below to see another variation of a fun run.

3. Car Wash – This idea has been done quite a few times, but why not make it more interactive for the students and car owners? Like having a canteen or lemonade stand? With this you’ll raise extra money with car owners purchasing refreshments while they wait. Or how about getting students to make an initial smiley face from the suds on the car’s bonnet for a bit of fun? Or while washing, how about getting the students to sing the school anthem? Most school grounds, or a central location in your community, will suit a car wash fundraiser. Don’t forget to bring hose pipes, buckets, clean rags, soft cloth for polishing and car shampoo. And ensure someone plays some upbeat music to entertain your volunteers, supporters and other participants.

4. Recycling – This isn’t just a different method to raise money, but gives students the opportunity to campaign for a greener planet. Private residences and businesses will often have old mobile phones and empty ink cartridges laying around – soon to be tossed into a waste bin. So why not organise for students to collect these items, which can then be sold to recycle companies and scrap shops. Even broken pieces of gold and silver jewellery can be collected and sold as scrap metal. Make ‘saving the environment’ fun, too! Keep track of how many phones and cartridges are collected and recycled – then provide a reward for top collectors and let the school know how many pieces were saved from the landfill.

Don’t forget, whilst these unique and fun school fundraisers are primarily meant to benefit the student body; parents, business owners, political leaders and other members of the community should be encouraged to get involved. This enables you to not only achieve fundraising your goals in less time, but spreads the fun and positive message even further.

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