Five Things You Should Do to Stay Positive in Life 

Staying positive is really hard if you're surrounded with negative happenings and negative people everyday. All of your energy could be drained and your focus misaligned if you keep encountering people who always complain and talk negatively about themselves and about their lives. Do you find yourself in the same dilemma? Here are some things you can do to stay positive all through out the year or for the rest of your life.

Know that life is a series of choices and not chances. You always have a choice in everything that comes your way. Choose what not to listen, where not to go and what to do in order to keep your positivity and focus. If you want to get full pay and buy all the things you need, choose to go to work and do your best to complete your tasks. List down the things you want and you will benefit from. Then, take note of the choices you have to make in order to acquire them. 

Claim the position where you want to be and gain control over yourself. You cannot control other  people but you can control your behavior, feelings and thoughts. You can decide what to feel and what to do for the entire day. So, you must tell yourself and believe that you will achieve great things as soon as you wake up in the morning. It's like setting up yourself for success.

Be aware of things that can pull you into negativity. Is it your fears or your past?  Is it a person you dislike? Whatever it is, decide not to discuss it unless you're ready to talk about it or say something about it that feels good. For example, stay away from arguments or people who complain a lot because you need not hear them.

Drum a power phrase into your head. This is like a mantra that you recite to yourself over and over so that you can stay focused, overcome negativity and deliver positive results. No one else can push you to stay positive but yourself.

Be ready for the release. Are  there tasks or people who challenge your positive outlook in life? Decide to release them. They can drain you and pull you down when you're caught off guard. Accept that nothing and no one stays forever. Choose to release those that won't help you have an improved life.

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