Five Things to Teach Your Child About Handling Criticisms

Do you have a teenager who is battling against criticism? As a parent, it is important that you support your child as every body else is questioning his credibility or style. However, you cannot always stay with your child and defend her whenever she's criticized. Here are some insights you can share to her in order to survive criticisms and make the most out of them.

1. Filter - Don't listen to all the criticisms that come your way. Learn to filter them and don't fall into the trap of the people who simply wants to destroy you because of envy or other reasons. Identify legitimate feedback which have bases. You can use them to improve yourself in the long run.

2. Don't take it personally - Separate yourself from the criticism. It as a reaction towards an action, situation or an event that went badly or you did wrong. Don't let criticism make you feel down and low with self-pity. As I mentioned earlier, use legitimate feedback for improvement of your craft and of yourself.

3. Be slow to react - Criticisms will definitely stir negative emotions in you. One of these emotions is anger. If a comment, feedback or criticism angered you, step back and take a deep breath. Be mindful not to say anything out of your anger as this might backfire.

4. Show acceptance - If someone approached you to personally deliver a criticism, accept it and thank the person for showing concern. Re-framing even a negative criticism into something positive makes you look professional and open-minded.

5. Life goes on - Don't dwell on these criticisms and just keep moving forward. Improve what you have to improve and believe that you can do everything correctly. Be prepared to be criticized even when you do the right things because that's all part of life.

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