Seven Qualities of a Good Husband

Last week, I had dinner with my family at my folks' house up north. Over dinner, we had a discussion about my sister's decision to get married. She's just twenty.  Although she's already in the legal age, ma and pa believe that she's still young. And so, they want her to rethink her decision about marriage and her current relationship as well. After the main course, the topic of our small talk changed to the qualities of a good husband. The short list below is the result of our discussion.

1) A good husband is a good listener. Your marriage will be successful if the man and woman both know how to listen. This is a big challenge for men as they're generally productive-oriented and not relational. A man must be ready to listen to his wife even though he's unable to solve the problem at hand.

2) A good husband is faithful. A man who follows through with his commitments to his wife is faithful. A man who is faithful and loyal to his wife is always honest and he always updates his wife about his whereabouts, plans, and decisions in his life.

3) A good husband is sensitive. Sensitivity to your wife's needs is important. It opens doors of communication and intimacy between the man and the wife.

4) A good husband is handy. A husband is expected to take action when a problem arises at home. Can you replace a busted light bulb? Can you do basic plumbing? Small home repairs don't escape the notice of a good and handy man in the house. 

5) A good husband is a good provider. This is more than just making money and providing for all the family's needs. It is the attitude of providing help and support to your partner in whatever she does. Yes, that means helping in the household chores too.

6) A good husband is humble. A man who is humble enough to admit his mistakes and makes up for them is truly admirable. 

7) A good husband is adaptable. Your relationship as husband and wife is expected to change through time. Fators like time constraints, needs of children and financial obligations can make such relationship very difficult. The husband is the head of the family; hence, he must be tough and dependable at all times even though tides of challenges flood your lives.

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