Know Why Kids Hate Themselves  

Do you hear your child say "I hate myself!" or "I hate my body!"? While this is something that you should be alarmed about, try not to be overwhelmed by such statement. Rather, research about its causes and be determined to help your child to snap out of it.

Absence of self-control - Kids usually commit unbearable acts when they lack self-control. As a result, they begin hating themselves when loved ones notice how bad their actions were. To keep your child from acting on impulse, teach him the importance of focusing and relaxing in any situation. Instruct him to take deep breaths and meditate before carrying out his thoughts. Teach him also to imagine the possible results of his actions.

Guilt - Kids can feel guilty easily without anyone telling them to feel that way. They can feel guilty about their family's financial problems because they're unable to help solve or pay the bills and debts. Moreover, kids feel most guilty when they make mistakes that can tarnish the family's reputation. In this case, parents and primary caregivers can help kids feel appeased by assuring them that it's normal to make mistakes.

Fear - Kids dislike being humiliated. They can easily feel humiliated when they are punished for their misdeeds in front of other people. In the event that they commit another misdeed, they lie to cover up their mistakes for the fear of being humiliated. Hence, they hate themselves for their incapabilities, misdeeds and for lying about them.

Abuse - Kids who are emotionally, physically and verbally abused hate themselves for being unable to stand up against such attacks to their being. They hate themselves for being weak. When trying to discipline your child, refrain from hitting them physically or insulting them with harsh words. 

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