Characteristics of Children Who Have Been Disciplined

Many parents avoid parental discipline because they don't want to be hated by their children. Discipline is never an easy process but it is a huge responsibility which parents must not set aside. Discipline or lack of discipline for that matter can shape the character and future lives of their children.

Children who have been disciplined in a thoughtful and loving manner possess the following traits.

1) Self-control - Children who have self-control are capable of delaying self-gratification in order to do something that is more important. Children with strong sense of self-control have been disciplined by their parents to keep commitments no matter what.

2) Empathy - Emphatic children show genuine care for others. They can understand fully the emotional experiences others are going through.

3) Responsibility - Children who have been disciplined grow up responsible. They help around the house, school or workplace without being told. They have the inner desire to carry out tasks and help other people. Responsible children turn into dependable adults in time.

4) Accountability - Disciplined children are not afraid of accountability. They are capable of identifying and accepting their own mistakes and the repercussions that come with the latter. Afterwards, they do things to correct their mistakes or improve themselves.

5) Respect for authority - Children learn to respect authority when they feel respected while being disciplined. Children respect authority, rules and moral codes as a result of positive discipline.

6) Happiness - Children who grew up in loving discipline become happy members of society. They are easy to get along with. They can sustain positive relationships without much effort.

Parental discipline is far more than telling children what they need to do. Children catch a lot from what their parents do on a daily basis. Therefore, parents must be disciplined themselves in order to raise disciplined children.  

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