Best Treats for Your Horse This Christmas

Has your horse won a competition? Or has he been good throughout the year? Why not treat your gentle giant to something special this Christmas? For your information, there is a variety of items that you can make or purchase to reward your horse for being good or even just a little less naughty this year.


Personally, I love giving my horse special food treats come Christmas day. In the morning, I feed my horse with big, juicy oranges that I have peeled for him. When I take him for a ride in the afternoon, I give him peppermint mint bits for a tasty refreshment. In the evening, I create a mash filled with shredded apples, carrots and oats.


Apart from fresh food treats, horses usually enjoy salt licks. Horses have a distinct craving and need for salt in their diet. For a modest outlay, you can purchase a dozen salt licks from any tack shop. Choose the cylindrical type with a hole and rope in the center ready to conveniently hang on a gate, fence or tree.


Horses can be very playful just like any pet. If you can’t spend enough time playing with your horse this holiday season, give him something to entertain himself with like a toy ball. Your horse can use it inside the stable or outdoors. Some balls come infused with scents that horses enjoy, like apple or peppermint. It’s up to you to choose which scent will be particularly pleasing to your horse.


Items that can keep your faithful companion clean, comfortable and healthy also make good Christmas treats. They may cost more than food and toy treats, but they are great investments in your horse’s well-being for the coming year. For example, you could buy a massage pad for your overworked horse. This helps improve blood supply, increase back flexibility and will enhance your horse’s relaxation.


If you need more Christmas gift ideas for horses, check out this helpful infographic I stumbled upon online.

12 Days of Horsey Christmas

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