Insights on Internet Use among Young Kids

Many children under 10 years old are accessing the internet without the supervision of adults. As a result, children consume inappropriate information and their behaviour is altered. Here are some safety tips to consider if you want your kids to use the internet in a healthy manner


Start with a positive communication – “Don’t’ and ‘no’ are two words that kids hate to hear. Get the attention of your kids by talking positively about computers and the internet. Discuss how both can benefit them when used appropriately. Follow it up with the disadvantages brought about by their misuse.

Supervise their internet use – Train them to ask your permission to go online. Always  sit beside them and check on what they do online.

Set rules – How many hours or minutes are your kids allowed to use the internet? What are the kinds of sites that they can and cannot visit? Who must supervise their internet use if you're not around. Set clear rules and be firm about their implementation.

Protect the real identity of your children – Provide your children with nicknames for them to use when online. Instruct kids not to give their personal information – real name, address, contact numbers, emails, passwords – to anyone they meet online.

Use safety and security software – Download safety and security software that can help filter the sites your kids visit. There are a number of online tools that can block adult, gambling and violent sites from reaching your kids.

Be a role model – You may be unaware of this but your kids observe everything that you do. Show them how you use the internet wisely. If possible, put a time cap to your online hours.

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