Best Bonding Activities between Fathers and Daughters

Raising children is more than just providing for their needs and wants. It also includes having a healthy relationship with them. Our relationships with them can affect the way they relate with other people once they become adults. This is especially true with our daughters. Researches show that adult women who have had healthy relationships with their dads are less likely to have failed marriages. Invest on your daughter’s successful marriage in the future by taking time to bond with them. Check out these bonding activities that work.

Nature exploration – Hike in the woods and teach your daughter the flora and fauna that inhabit in the woods. Teach them how to care for the nature for the benefit of the future generation.Teach her some survival tricks too just in case she gets stuck in nature in the future.

Cooking lessons – If you don’t have the luxury of time, you can just learn to bake or cook with your daughter at home. You can simply check the internet for instructional videos on baking or cooking. Besides the cooking proper, your daughter will enjoy going to the grocery store with you to shop for ingredients. This is a great opportunity for you not only to have fun but also to teach your daughter to buy quality products within your budget.

Monthly dates – Depending on your schedule, your dates could be a bi-monthly or weekly event. Your dates need not be expensive or with specific activities. It’s more about spending quality time with your daughter – talking to her, sharing stories and just laughing together.  If you’re budget poor, just sit in front of the TV together and watch your daughter’s favourite program while eating popcorn.

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