Raising An Equestrian: Quick Insights For Parents

Your kids can develop an interest in horseback riding when you bring them to a nearby ranch. According to most successful riders, their desire to excel in this sport started with their love for horses as little children. At age four, kids may be trained for it. If they are afraid of falling, they can first visit riding ranches where they can pat horses and ride horses with adult or your assistance. A sense of connection and trust between the animal and your kids must be built before a harmonious ride happens.


There are two main types of horseback riding. These are the English and Western. The English type is the one seen in big sporting events like Olympics. It is further divided into two styles – Dressage and Show Jumping. In Dressage, the horse and its rider are to perform sets of movements from memory.  In show jumping, the horse and its rider are to go through an obstacle course where they will both run and jump over fences and other blockades.  


The Western type, on the other hand, pertains to the riding styles of cowboys. There are also sports events for enthusiasts of this riding type but they could be less formal than Dressage and Show Jumping.


If you want to know the best riding style  for your kids, take time to visit and explore different kinds of riding ranches.