Parenting Ideas For Modern Dads

Parenting is not exclusive to mothers. Most fathers think that their sole responsibility is to work and provide for all their children’s needs. And so, they leave all the disciplining and bonding sessions to their wives. Children need the presence and guidance of both parents. Their emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being can be deeply affected if their needs are left unattended by one if not both of their parents.


To be a better dad, follow these tips:


Spend time with your children – Children grow up quickly. Before you know it, they are already adults. Refrain from working or filling your weekends with appointments so that you can play or go out with your children.


Teach your children – Besides helping them with their homework, teach them fun things like learning how to ride a bike. Teach them good manners too.


Discipline your children lovingly and positively – Most children turn away from their father’s guidance because it is done harshly. Acknowledge your children’s good behaviour with praises and criticize their bad behaviour constructively. Avoid using sarcasm and saying words that can scar their souls.


Eat together as a family – Busy dads usually skip dinners with the family. If you cannot make it during weekdays, ensure to join family dinners and/or mealtimes during the weekend. Children usually talk their minds while having meals.