Smoking: Discouraging Your Children At Every Age

I know of many chain smokers who confess that they started smoking early teens (and even pre-teens years). They shared different reasons as to why they got soaked into this habit. Besides curiosity, some of them wanted 

  • to fit with their friends
  • to copy their parents 
  • to imitate their idols in showbiz and  music industry
  • to look sophisticated and appear like grown-ups
  • to assert independence 

This may sound like a cliche but this statement really works: 'Set a good example in front of your kids by not smoking yourself.' If you have started on the wrong foot, show your children how disadvantageous smoking has been to you. Share also the difficulty of quitting the habit. Both can discourage them from giving into their curiosity. Do you have a physician friend? Let your physician friend talk to your children about the health problems brought about by smoking. More often than not, children listen to authorities that they are not realted with. 


Moving forward, show your children your firm stand against smoking. Do not let anyone smoke inside your house. This means you need to ask guests not to smoke inisde your house or order your kids to buy cigarettes for them. 

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