Good Oral Health: Making Kids Understand It Early On

If you have not experienced difficulties for getting your kids brush their teeth on a regular basis, you are not real dad. Of course, I'm just joking on this. I just want to underscore the fact that most kids do not want to brush, floss and care for their gums and teeth. Just to be a success in this task, I have personally printed and compiled photos which show how tooth decay can be very disgusting and painful to deal with. I thought it would change my kids' attitude towards brushing and flossing. Well, they did practice them the proper way for a day. But they did turn back to their wicked ways the next day. 


So, I consulted our family dentist regarding this. She says that she only do so much and she can just remind them constantly about the dental health practices. She further explained that scaring kids with possible negative results would not suffice. Rather, it would be more important to make them understand how the good condition of their gums and teeth can affect their overall health. With this, searching for stories of real people whose bad oral health condition has stopped them from doing things that they are passionate about.


Bad oral health is often linked to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The bacteria left on the gums and teeth can also cause infections as they can travel to the different parts of the body through the blood stream. In most cases, pregnant women with severe dental problems often experience still borns. Do you personally someone who might have any of these conditions? It might help if he or she can talk to your kids about how important brushing and flossing correctly and regularly can be very important. This might make them think deeply and get motivated to practice oral health care with conviction.