Ways To Build Your Sons' Self-Confidence

photo credit: huffingtonpost
photo credit: huffingtonpost

Self-confidence is something not all kids are born with. If ever a child is born with it, a hurtful and unforgettable experience can easily make it go down the drain and replace it bitterness and poor esteem of one's self. Did you know that fathers play an important role in building confidence among their kids? Although mothers also encourage self-confidence in a different way, researches show that kids who are highly-regarded by their fathers  are more confident than those who are neglected by their own fathers.


Coach Them - Kids need coaching and not controlling. The more you control them, the more they get scared to try new things. At the back of their heads, they think that failing on these things can make their dads get mad at them. When you coach them, they feel the assurance that you are by their side,  guiding them through and believing in their efforts and not just on the things they can do. 


Allow Them To Do Things By Themselves - There are times when we get so anxious about our sons not having the skills to accomplish certain tasks. We dads must let go of these anxieties and let our sons manage in the completion of these tasks. Be sure though to extend a helping hand when need be.