On Preparing The Kids For The Holidays

I can still remember how my dad and granddad used to cut a fresh tree that will complete the Christmas decorations in our home. Honestly, I was not able to live up to this tradition because of I lack the time and I believe that the collapsible plastic type is more practical to use. But after some years, now that the kids are growing up quite fast, I think of giving it a try and make hand-made Christmas decors with them for a change.


You may not see it as crucial but it is really important to prepare the kids for the holidays. This is more than ensuring that they've got new clothes to wear or all the presents they are dreaming for. This is about preparing them to learn values related to the season. Instead of looking forward to the fancy things they might receive, divert their focus on things that they can give away to make others happy. To avoid frustrations, give them a talk about reality - that because of financial reasons some of the holiday gifts promised to them may not come true. Also, it would help to make them be reflective on the true meaning of happiness and life beyond the joyful events and fancy things they can get hold of this season.


PS. Below is a music video I really love hearing during the holidays.