Clever Ways To Say No To Your Child, Pt. II

Note: This is just a sequel to the post I created a couple of months ago. 


No is defnitely a strong word which most kids hate to hear especiallly from their parents. There are clever or subtle ways to say it. Moreover, there are practices that may be observed to keep yourself from getting into a situation where in no negotations with your children can be made and you just can't say no.


Avoid setting up yourself - So here is the scenario. You are keen to come up with the best Christmas gifts for your little ones. That's why you brought them to the toy store with them. Before storming in the toy store, program first their minds that they cannot get any toy they want. Explain that they can get only one that is within your budget. This will help keep them from getting excited to want and buy all the toys they want. Also, you are able to keep your sanity. 


Be considerate - There are times when the way we say 'no' is what hurts the kids and not the negative word itself. For example, we disagree in a very rude voice and gestures. Just try being gentle on declining a request or disapproving at something that they do badly. You might get surprised that it's not that hard for them to obey whatever you ask from them.