On Saving For The Kids Future

When we were single, we already know the concept of saving and the importance of having extra money to fund what we want to do like traveling, buying gadgets and splurging on stuff that we want to have. At that time, maybe we are not that serious over saving money, just taking small amounts here and there for our 'security fund'.

But when we get married and have kids, saving becomes 'a must' for us. We have to stretch everything that we have so we can save every penny for our family, especially for our kids' education. One job isn't enough and so we apply for a second or third job, just so we can pass through 'living from paycheck to paycheck stage' and build our own education fund for the kids.

I hope our kids will get to appreciate all our hardwork and sacrifices through getting good grades in school and becoming a better person all the time. I believe I did the same when I was young, as I saw how my parents worked longer hours just to put more than enough food on the table, get us to decent schools and give us what we need. 

What about you? What do you do to save for your kids' future?

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