Clever Ways To Say No To Your Child, Pt. I

Letters N and O when put together spell a strong that kids and grown-ups dislike a lot. This word has a negative impact on most children. When their parents say ‘no’ to what they are asking for, they think that their parents are rejecting them personally as children cannot separate themselves from what the things they truly like. Therefore, parents must be creative in relating opposition to their kids’ certain desires.


Use body language or vocal changes – Instead of shouting no, you can simply raise your hand and make a stop sign. This is a good means that will keep you from having heated arguments especially when you are in the mall or other places outside the house. Changing the tone on how you say something or ask a question can also signal your decline.


Negotiate if possible – There are kids who are strong-willed and cannot take ‘no’ for an answer. If faced by such consequences, learn to negotiate. When negotiating, be careful not to give the impression that you are begging your child to obey you. Listen to what your child has to say but present your side too. Ensure that you retain the upper hand so that you can instil the discipline you need to do.