Great Tips On Dad-Kids Bonding

Overlapping responsibilities at home and at work make it difficult for most fathers to have moments in which they can bond with their kids. Modern distractions like electronic gadgets, on the other hand, keep the little ones from choosing to enjoy time with their parents.


But as the adult and the parent, you have the capacity to make boding time happen for you and your kiddos if you will just be motivated enough to do so. Not all children are alike in their interests even though they are siblings. Start by knowing your kids’ interests. Their favourite past time, for example, is a doorway to knowing them more and playing with them. You may help them develop new interests too.


Jumpstart a conversation with them whenever possible. This keeps the communication lines open for both parties. You can ask them directly how they feel at the moment – what’s making them gloomy, happy or scared. Or simply ask them what their plans are for the day and offer help if they need you for an extra hand.


Share meals, take a bath or brush your teeth together or clean the car together. Doing things with each other could be very fun than tiring. As you work with each other, you also get to talk, laugh and plan with your kiddos. This is something which can make them feel valued.