How To Be A Great Dad

There is no exact formula that can bring about the best father in you. There are guidelines though which can lead you to such path. Below are general insights relevant to this.


Enjoy fatherhood - Although fatherhood is big responsibility to bear, it does not have to be a boring or sad. Focusing on its bigness and difficulties will rob you of the enjoyment and it will show in the way you relate with your children.


Spend time with your children - Working for your children is different from spending time with them. Even though your tasks at home and in the office are piling up, you must schedule a date with your family and with each of your kids. Doing so builds the bond that will be the very foundation of your father-children relationship.


Be affectionate - Show your affection to your children. Do not be embarassed to kiss and embrace your children. This makes them feel loved and comfortable about showing affection to others.


Let go of unreasonable expectations on your children - Many people could already be expecting a lot from your little ones as they go to school, sports clubs, or spend time with their friends. Never add to the pressure they feel by comparies their capabilities or personalities to their friends or cousins whom you think are fairing well. Be their number one cheer leader and help them achieve their goals. 


Respect their mother - Fathers and mothers are two of the most important people in children's lives. Whether you are married or not, staying together or not, respect their mother as this act will provide security for them. Children are great imitators of adult behavior. They can mimic the disrespectfulness that you show to their mother.







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